Why a Professional Photographer?

In the realm of photography, especially today with the advance in technology and cheaper more powerful cameras, many people figure they can take pictures on their own.  This thought extends to real estate not only for private sellers but also to real estate agents!

People truly believe they can “do it” on their own now-a-days.  The bottom line is this; yes you can do it on your own, we see this advertised everywhere from DIY television shows, to private real estate companies promising big commission savings.  We are all made to feel like we CAN do it ourselves, and why should we pay for something when we don’t need to to. I am also guilty of this to some degree, my backyard was all done by me. The difference is that I did it as a hobby and for pleasure.  Selling a house is usually neither.

My thoughts are this: When I market a home for sale, I have a duty to provide top notch professional care to my clients.  So in preparation I surround myself with professional people, homestagers, painters, mortgage agents, and photographers to name a few.  Let me ask a simple question.  If you hired a contractor to renovate your house would you like it if he pulled someone off the street to help him mud and sand the walls?  No! You would expect him to hire someone onto his team that specializes in mudding walls. (By the way, I can imagine the job quality if the guy from the street did it, I see it all the time in people’s basements). So why would I take pictures myself?

So back to the point about photography.  Would you agree that that pictures speak a thousand words? What about your thoughts on skimming through MLS when starting your home search… If you are like most people you skim over the listings with poor quality images. Sometimes there isn’t even a picture, which is another problem altogether.

What you want is to have a stunning picture to grab a person’s attention.  I am not saying exaggerate a photo through Photoshop. We have all seen those stretched, unproportioned, over processed photos that drive us away from the listing rather than invite us in for more… The picture a professional photographer will take will be realistic, but perhaps at a unique angle, with the light captured correctly in the proper exposure.

The next thing is to have a story told by the other pictures that will be seen once a viewer clicks onto the MLS listing or other website (ours is www.guelph-real-estate.ca).  A gentle transition from room to room, also at different angles and levels.  Our eyes as viewers need to wander and focus on specific items of interest.  This experience can then be summed up with a virtual tour and more details about the property.

The last point is that if I were to do all this on my own, to get close to the same level of service and quality, I would spend several hours retouching, and arranging tours, driving and other non productive things.  I once calculated the time for this process in my early career at over 8 hours. Now wouldn’t that time be better spent on things that I know best, which is finding buyers for your house?

Remember, when you hire us to sell your home, you are getting the best of the best!  We do not hire cheap and unexperienced team members. All of our team members are the best in their field and above all else, give the same great customer service that we do.

Before, during and after the sale…

Our  photographer is Phil Maurion. Check out his work. Click Here. All the best agents use him.

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