Back To School And Real Estate

Most parents have one thing on their minds during the month of September – adjusting their lives to the back to school grind.

Throughout the month of August parents and students crowd the malls and superstores, stocking their trunks full of new fall clothes and school supplies.

Back to school

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According to Peter Goffin of The Canadian Press, experts are predicting an increase in overall back-to-school spending for 2016. The projected 4.5% increase is due in part to the new Canada Child Benefit, which was effective July 2016.


According to the Toronto Star, the projected dollar amount spent per student is an alarming $461 – which includes money spent on school supplies, new shoes, and clothes.


Where does this leave families on the hunt for the perfect new home?

This summer Guelph has experienced an extremely high number of properties sold, with some experts suggesting that the market would be hotter if more homeowners were willing to sell. The average price of homes sold in July 2016 was $425,635, up 10.6 per cent from levels in July 2015. The year-to-date average price figure was $413,313, rising 9.6 per cent from the same period in 2015.


Is the market about to cool off while families focus more on school and work, and less on buying or selling a house?


We believe you can dive into back-to-school mode, and still have time to find your perfect home. It may take a balancing act, but we’re happy to share four tried and tested tips for balancing your new home search with post-summer chaos.


Tip #1: Take advantage of school hours

Take advantage of the hours between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. – while the kids are busy at school. Use the opportunity to view the hottest homes with your agent during the day. Of course, this option is best for those who are available during these hours.

Tip # 2: Have your realtor preview homes first

Your time is precious. Consider having your realtor preview homes first, ensuring that they are exactly what you want. You won’t waste your time viewing homes that don’t make the cut, and you’ll also reduce the amount of hours spent searching.

Tip # 3: Harness the energy of the season

While others are moving slowly this fall, consider harnessing some breezy autumn energy, and jump on the house of your dreams – Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand.

Tip #3: Use your weekends wisely

Now that you’re no longer on vacation mode, you can be productive during your weekends. Use Saturday and Sunday for viewing open houses, and if you’re selling, take the time to complete updates on your home.

Guelph real estate - back to school

Tip # 4: Get Autumn ready

The colour of leaves changing, the smell of crisp fresh air, and homes decked out in the finest fall décor – these are all reasons that fall is considered one of the most favourable times to sell a home. If you’re selling your home, don’t forget to keep up the curbside appeal. Continue to mow your lawn, rake the leaves on your grass, and purchase some festive mums and a welcoming seasonal wreath.


With a real estate agent that is willing to shoulder most of the hard work, and a season that energizes people, it’s a no-brainer that fall is a great time to buy or sell your home. Kids are back to school, parents are back to buying a home.


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