Bang – Off To The Races – Bubble Burst?

Will The Guelph Bubble Burst or Thrive?

The 2017 Guelph real estate market has started with a bang!  As more and more sellers race to take advantage of this opportunity, will this be the bubble burst that many have talked about? Or will the supply of eager buyers continue to devour any listings that hits the market?


“…will the supply of eager buyers continue to devour any listings…”

We have already seen a 1250 sq/ft condo townhouse sell for a whooping $441,6000 on Gordon St.  That is nearly $100,000 more than last year.  Or how about a 1400 sq/ft detached house on Moss Place for $500,000?


Are You Ready to List?

Whether you are ready to list your home or not quite ready, NOW is a great time to discuss it.  What strategy, will you take?  When will you list? What price? What marketing plan will get the most buyers?  These are all important questions, but the most important question, is what will my net profit be?

Don’t let the bubble burst before you have the inside scoop.

To find out how you can score the highest net profit contact us right now.

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