Guelph Real Estate Investments

Guelph real estate investments are highly sought after.  The following article helps describe what types of properties are available and how to buy them.

Guelph Real Estate Investments

guelph real estate investments

As you probably already know investing in Guelph real estate can sometimes be difficult, depending on what you want to accomplish. The problem, is that the Guelph real estate investments market is extremely hot and fast paced. Many local investors in Guelph buy what is called “student rentals.” Students will generally pay between $450-$550 per room, often times with utilities extra. These investments can be very profitable, however there are many other types of Guelph real estate investments, and we will talk about a few in this article.


Student Rentals

guelph real estate investmentsThe student rental market starts in January and Lasts until April. The smarter investors purchase early, usually in January, with a closing date arranged for April 30. Investors use the time in between the acceptance of the purchase offer and the closing date to find tenants (or use a property manager to do it for them). You can find tenants quite easily, especially in January as this is when the smart students begin looking in order to find the best homes. We often get calls as early as November from University of Guelph students trying to secure the best properties before everyone else. We generally maintain a list of students who have inquired about renting, and package these groups with your purchase.  We even involve them in the property search, and secure a conditional lease to coincide with your purchase offer.  You can then rest assured that your investment will be rented with no hassles or worry. Guelph rent rates are between $450 and $550 per room.
If you are worried about finding tenants and maintaining the property, leave it to our team. We will find them for you.  After that expect to pay about one month’s rent, per lease usually taken from the initial deposit when the lease is signed. Our hand picked team are reputable property managers from Property Link Management Services, who’s sole business is looking after investment properties. Leave it to the professions to take the guess work out of investing.  Give them a call to see if they have a solution for you to get your house rented.


Rent-to-Own Investments

Rent-to-own-familyYou may have heard of rent-to-own properties.  Although not many local investors are saavy with this kind of investment, there are certainly many advantages and can be a secure way of scoring a short term, predictable gain. Rent to own in Guelph is a intelligent way of creating wealth.

The way it works for an investor is this; we find buyers who want to purchase a home but do not have the credit, circumstance to do so today.  We meet with them personally and select the most suitable candidates. (we go through a lot). After a stringent selection process, we work with the selected party and assign a debit consultant who works out a plan to correct their credit situation  (if one exists). Once a plan has been established, we determine what they will be able to afford in 2-3 years.  Once we have a green light, all systems are a go… our team then finds a home for them, and YOU the investor buy it.  The tenant (future buyer) gives you a non-refundable deposit somewhere between 2.5-5% of the purchase price and agrees to pay you rent of which a portion is retained for their eventual downpayment.  The agreement to purchase (option to purchase) is already signed for a value usually between 4-6% higher (per year) than the current purchase price. The tenants also pay for your legal fees on both ends of the transaction.

The advantage if this kind of investment, is that has a guaranteed appreciation and a purchase contract, in addition to a large, up front deposit that is non fundable.  The worse situation is that the potential buyers, back out of the deal, and you have to sell the property.  The deposit is yours.

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Apartment Investments

Guelph Apartment BuildingsApartment complexes are also a popular choice in the Guelph real estate investments market and many will start to become available as people start to retire.  These types of properties are not for everyone but typically provide higher net income returns.  They also involve a large upfront investment (30% of the purchase price).  Investors often join resources to purchase these type of investments to help absorb some of the initial outlay of cash.  We  also have access to private lenders who will lend money to investors.  Call us for a list of properties not advertised to the public.

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Guelph Real Estate Investments

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