Pre Selling Home Inspection

Selling Your Home? Get a Pre-Sale Home Inspection.

Most people think a home inspection is something that happens somewhere between making an offer and before closing on a home. But for a number of reasons, more homeowners are choosing to have their own home inspected before putting it on the market.

The reason is simple: uncovering problems early on enables you to fix them, often making it possible to add value to your sale price. An inspection is designed to reveal any potential problems a house may have—and that’s true for both buyers and sellers. Sellers may benefit from gaining this kind of detailed information about their home, so that they can choose to handle problems long before the negotiation process is underway.

Should I Get a Pre-Sale Home Inspection?Many sellers also report that their buyers feel more comfortable when the information from a pre-sale inspection is shared early on, even if the buyers choose to have their own home inspection as well.

In short, a pre-sale inspection can reduce the chance of a surprise and help speed the closing process, which would otherwise have been delayed by scheduling repairs and having the buyers confirm they were completed properly. Because for buyers, making an offer contingent upon a home inspection is about saving expenses and trouble—not to mention providing confidence in what may well be the biggest investment they ever make.

Even if you’re not a buyer making an offer, or a seller thinking of listing a home in the next few months, a home inspection can provide homeowners with a thorough to-do list for maintenance—or even a little peace of mind.

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  1. I really admire the way you convey your ideas to your readers. You really have the talent. This is another excellent post. It was an easy read and yet managed to keep me reading till the very end.

  2. Thank you for the good information and I thank those marketers who use the Internet as a marketing strategy. I do not think that way. Thank you for these tips. Let me use it and hope it will work.

    • I agree a pre-listing home inspection is a great idea, but only makes sense for older homes. I don’t think a new home will need one unless it is a Reid’s home. lol

  3. A pre-listing inspection is a great idea, it shows confidence by the seller and allows a buyer to move forward with confidence should a multiple offer situation arise.

  4. This is a great idea. Why wouldn’t everyone do this? Is this an extra fee to your listing costs?

    • I will be putting this dazzling insight to good use in no time.

      • The disclosure would only have to be made if they knew about it and you seicifped that in the contract. In some states, knowledge would have to be disclosed no matter what. You should have also had a home inspection done, but that will not tell you if asbestos is present, only that it might be and that a professional inspection is needed. Just like you having it tested, that is the only way to know if asbestos is present (you did have tests done?). If the previous owner did not do testing, disclosure is a moot point.

  5. A pre-home selling inspection is a wonderful idea, yet not many people do this. I think it is because buyers do not trust the report because the sellers paid for it. In the same breath, why do people buy private sales… they are trusting the sellers word. I have heard this over and over again, “there is another offer”. That is simply not true and how are you supposed to even know… that is why having representation as a buyer and seller and preferred.