Seven Inexpensive Home Upgrades

seven inexpensive home upgrades

Now that the weather is cooling off many Canadians will be retreating inside to hibernate over the winter.

Instead of binge watching Netflix until April, why not use your indoor time to upgrade your home and increase the value of one of your greatest assets?

There are a few key and inexpensive changes and upgrades that will ensure you receive top dollar for your house when it comes time to sell.

Our top seven inexpensive home upgrades are listed below.


Paint the interior: One of the least expensive adjustments you can make to your home is changing the interior paint colour. Most homeowners have a particular taste when it comes to paint colours, but the wrong colour can turn away or turn off a potential home buyer. The easiest solution is to choose a simple and neutral paint colour, and repaint the entire house. You may also want to consider adding a fresh coat to baseboards, ceilings and, interior doors – this will give a top to bottom fresh look to your home.

If repainting your whole house feels too daunting, at the very least repaint high traffic areas of your home with cool neutrals, such as a light grey or off-white.

If you are thinking of selling sometime down the road, but not right away, consider utilizing our free staging consult, so that you know what colours buyers are seeking. Get some free decorating ideas at the same time. 


Install new light fixtures: If you live in an older home and the light fixtures have never been replaced or upgraded they will most likely look tired and outdated. Consider updating some or all of the lights fixtures to something a bit more modern. Choose fixtures with a timeless and classic appeal over trendy options.

For example, the trendy plastic chandelier light fixtures are loved by some and hated by others. You may want to avoid choosing this type of chandelier lighting, and opt for something that most people will enjoy.

Home Depot or Rona have selections at affordable prices. In most cases you can install yourself (make sure to follow instructions carefully), but if you are not up to it contact Kevin Geerlinks at CoDeGo Electric.

seven inexpensive home upgrades - By the Somerville team


Replace old hardware: Another simple change that can be made in your home is adjusting old hardware in your home. Hardware is anything in your house that is attached to the walls and doors, such as toilet paper roll holders, doorknobs, and even the light switch plates.

Many older homes have gold doorknobs that are typically considered outdated. Consider replacing these with more classic doorknobs such as black knobs with an antique finish. You can even look for doorknobs at your local Habitat for Humanity to cut the costs.

seven inexpensive home upgrades - door knobs


Refresh your window treatments: Window treatments, like paint colour, are often very specific to the home owner’s taste. If you’ve been living in your house for an extended period of time your window treatments may be outdated and faded as well.

Consider either removing your curtains or blinds completely, and allowing prospective buyers to simply enjoy your windows and envision their own window treatments, or replace them with new and inexpensive curtains and blinds.

If you are replacing your window treatments opt for neutral white horizontal blinds, or simple curtains with a tie back.



Repaint kitchen cupboards: Another upgrade that you may consider for your home is repainting outdated cupboards. This is a much cheaper alternative to replacing your kitchen cupboards, and there are many professional services that will help you with getting the best results.

We recently had our kitchen cupboards repainted by Roberto Callegari from Cover Wood Staining and Restoration and were extremely pleased with the finished results. We would highly recommend making this change in your kitchen to attract home buyers. The cost was a quarter of what a full kitchen renovation might cost.

Kitchen Cabinet Spray


Improve the entryway: A potential home buyer’s first impression is important to their overall connection to a home. Consider repainting your front door an inviting and warm colour, and upgrading the mailbox and home number outside, if necessary. A simple wreath and seasonal flower arrangement outside can also add a special welcoming touch to a home.

Also important is the inside entryway. Ensure that you keep this area neat and tidy to maximize space and ease when people are coming through.

seven inexpensive home upgrades



Add some simple landscaping: The outside of your home serves as a prospective buyer’s first glance before they see your home, and it can make or break the deal. You don’t need an elaborate garden to increase your home’s curb appeal. Add some simple shrubs and ensure your lawn is maintained and healthy, and you’ll attract top dollar for your home.


Visit this helpful article for more ways to increase the curb appeal of your home.

If you’d like to discuss what changes would be most beneficial to your home, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We provide personalized and professional in-home consultations to help get you started on home improvements prior to selling your home.


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