Your House Earned More Than You – Who’s The Bread Winner Now

Who’s The Real Bread Winner?

guelph real estate investments - your house just earned more than you - who's the bread winner now?


Some Guelph homeowners may be shocked

We often talk about who the bread winner is in a family and for many families both parents are working.  These days, if you are a home owner, there is a third bread winner and you might not even know it.

Some Guelph homeowners may be shocked to learn that in 2016 their home earned more money than they did!  In 2016 the median sales price of a detached home in Guelph rose an astonishing $51,600!  For semi-detached and townhouses the increase was 10% or roughly $31,000. CMHC predicts that in 2017, house prices will rise another 10%.

If you are thinking about cashing out and buying your forever home or refinancing for that renovation project you’ve dreamed about, now might be the time to act. Give us a call or email and we can get you started in the right direction.

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